Monday, November 29, 2010

Helen Frost Book Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is...


Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this contest. Please keep an eye out for future interviews and book giveaways. Next week I'll be posting about something I learned about this past weekend that got me giddy with excitement--A YA Historical Fiction Challenge!

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Three Rivers Rising (J. Richards) Revolution (J. Donnelly) Where The Truth Lies (J. Warman) Mockingbirds (D. Whitney)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Award-Winning Author, Helen Frost + Giveaway

Once in a great while, I come across an author whose work is so stunning, I feel compelled to let everyone know about it. So I was honored when Helen Frost agreed to participate in this author interview.

Then she graciously offered to give away a book. The winner will choose which one. And there are many. Visit her website to learn more about them:

The contest is open internationally. Just comment below and send me an e-mail (view full profile for link) with your address. I will contact the winner on November 29th.

On Writing:

Favorite thing about writing a first draft:
The sense of discovery

Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens:
Remembering different ages with clarity and affection

Favorite word?
Each one is my favorite when it's in its own right place.
okay, and: kaakatakilenkwia (the Myaamia word for butterfly)

One word that describes your path to publication:

If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and:
Maybe a marine biologist or an entomologist

On Life:

If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be:

One question I wish I had a definitive answer to:
How many of the monarch butterflies I've raised and released have made it to Mexico?

Best thing about being a child:
Walking on stilts

Worst thing about being a child:
Poison ivy

Best thing about being a teenager:
Summer nights with friends

Worst thing about being a teenager:
Caring about what boys think

Most memorable teen moment:
Hiking the Pemigewasset Wilderness trail and stopping along the way to slide down the rocks in the river

A quote I live by:
"I learn by going where I have to go." (Roethke)

My dream vacation:
Wind, ocean or mountains, the right mix of solitude and companionship

In My Perfect World…
No one would be deprived of chocolate.
Every child would have food and love.
No one would ever be ashamed.
Respectful education would be free for everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fiction Addiction

Now that my weekly pile of novels has almost disappeared, it's time to attack that other stack. Yes, the hour has come to dive into the dry histories that will hopefully fuel my imagination as they transport me into the war-ravaged world of my work-in-progress.

Or maybe I'll just go ahead and start those last two novels. . .

WHAT I'M READING FOR FUN THIS WEEK: Braid (H. Frost) Inexcusable (C. Lynch) A Brief History of Montmaray (M. Cooper) All Unquiet Things (A. Jarzab)

Monday, November 8, 2010

And The Winner Is. . .


Sabina Dezman

Thank you to all who entered. I wish I had books for everyone.
Please check back for future interviews and giveaways!

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Forge (L.H. Anderson) Crossing Stones (H. Frost) Saving Juliet (S. Selfors) You (C. Benoit) Sorta Like A Rock Star (M. Quick)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Author Interview and Book Giveaway: Mindi Scott & FREEFALL

How do you come back from the point of no return?

Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend Isaac alive, and the first to find him dead. It was just another night, just another party, just another time where Isaac drank too much and passed out on the lawn. Only this time, Isaac didn’t wake up.

Convinced that his own actions led to his friend’s death, Seth is torn between turning his life around . . . or losing himself completely.

Then he meets Rosetta: so beautiful and so different from everything and everyone he’s ever known. But Rosetta has secrets of her own, and Seth will soon realize he isn’t the only one who needs saving . . .

Would you like a chance to win an autographed copy of Mindi's fabulous debut novel FREEFALL? Simply leave a comment below and e-mail me with your mailing address: yascribe (at) comcast (dot) net

Winner will be announced on Monday, November 8, 2010

Mindi On The Joys of Life:

If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be: Intolerance.

One question I wish I had a definitive answer to: Was O.J. guilty? (Seriously! I just want to know the truth!)

Best thing about being a child: Having other people to take care of you.

Worst thing about being a child: Not being free to make your own decisions.

Best thing about being a teenager: Getting a driver’s license, a car, and FREEEEEDOM.

Worst thing about being a teenager: Wrecking the car and having to go back to getting rides from friends.

Most memorable teen moment:
My first kiss. In the rain. Totally soaked. And he whispered that he loved me. Sigh! Then immediately afterward, his mom yelled at me. Sigh, sigh . . .

A quote I live by: Hyperbole is the best thing ever!

My dream vacation: Somewhere tropical and beachy (is that redundant?) with my husband a.k.a. the love of my life.

In My Perfect World…

Everyone would get fondue and salad at least once a week (until they got sick of it).

There would be an abundance of music and books.

No one would be deprived of education.

Every child would have someone to read to them.

No one would ever have to deal with kitty litter.

Health care would be free for everyone.