Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 4 #WIPMADNESS Check-In

This week was true madness! Not so much by way of working on the WIP, though. The madness came when I arrived home Tuesday afternoon with a terrible headache and discovered 12 men on my roof! Without any notice from my landlord, the roof was being torn off and the skylights were being replaced. So much for the week I declared as officially peaceful and productive. Never mind the roofing debris that's been scattered from one end to the other of my lovely little home. Hopefully they'll finish up early this week. Deep breath. Sigh.

However, three very good things happened this week:
#1 One last bit of divorce business, after months of hassle, has been officially resolved. 
#2 The giant new skylight in my living room is not frosted like the old one, so I can gaze at the starts at night from my bean bag chair. Yay!
#3 JULIUS CAESAR BROWN AND THE GREEN GAS MYSTERY is now available in paperback!!! See it here

And the #wipmadness will continue in November thanks to our host, Shari Green.

Now, for today's theme, my dear writing companions, all of you have aided me in the road to a happier writing life and I thank you. The road this past year has been full of sinkholes and road blocks, but you have stuck with me and encouraged me to keep going. So tell me, what I can do for you this week, Wipsters? What kind of aid do you need from your writing companions right now?

Monday, October 21, 2013

October Wipmadness Check-In: Week 3

Dorothy Day

Today I'm thinking about food. I woke up hungry. Over these past months I haven't had much of an appetite. Haven't been eating enough. But I'm working on that. This is also true about feeding my book-loving soul.

I used to eat three or four novels a week. I had an insatiable appetite for fiction. But ever since my life turned upside down, I've barely read three novels a month. And I live across the street from a huge library!!!

Wipsters, help me get my appetite for books back. Tell me what books I absolutely MUST READ!

Now, as regards this past week of activity, I hope you all enjoyed a measure of success. Tell me what book-related stuff you did and what you hope to do this week. I doubled my goal--revised six chapters last week. I hope to revise another six this week.

So, goals? Must-read books? Tell us all about them. ^_^

Monday, October 14, 2013

October #WIPMADNESS Week Two

“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”--Ellen Hopkins

Double Stuff Oreos--Cow Version

So I attended the SCBWI Arizona Annual Conference over the weekend. Met some cool writers. Enjoyed the heat in Scottsdale. Got that great quote from Ellen Hopkins. And played the harp during the book signing. Never mind that I should have been signing books, but the print release of JCB got delayed due to some sort of technical difficulties. Sigh. 

I'd like to say I've been busy writing this past week, but instead I've been busy with annoying busyness of the business variety. Ugh. I fear this week will be worse, so maybe we should set a weekly goal this week and then be better about some twitter accountability. 

Okay. So I'm going to revise at least three chapters of the WIP this week. Who wants to keep my accountable? 
What are you gonna do this week?

Monday, October 7, 2013

October #WIPMADNESS Week One

Isn't she cute?
Cute enough that you can forgive me for forgetting that I needed to post today?
The good news is that I'm plugging along with revisions.
But my life is so full of distractions.
And I'm emotionally exhausted.
What's going on with all of you, Wipsters?