Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Met My Reading Match

Browsing the Teen Section of B&N in Flagstaff, Arizona this afternoon, I met an amazing young reader who we'll call "M". This twelve-year-old bundle of literary delight was searching for some book written by an author named "Collins". With joy, I led her to the Hunger Games Series.

M and I got to talking, and come to find out, she aspires to be both a writer and a librarian at the Library of Congress. Eyes flashing behind her cool blue rectangular glasses, she proceeded to march me around the kids section pointing out and recommending all her favorite reads (which, I swear, included half of the stock). I made a few recommendations of my own favorites which she got way excited about.

M buys a lot of books. "A good day," she said, "is when I've saved up my B&N cards and get five!"

I asked her how she chooses what she reads and she told me if she finds an author she likes, she reads all their books (she then proceeded to name about a dozen series off the top of her beautiful little head).

Me and M have a few things in common. Before we parted ways, I asked if she always finishes every book she reads. She got a little embarrassed and sheepishly made her confession. "Once I start a book, even if it's boring, I just have to finish it."

Right on, M! And to all you young readers out there like her, "We love you!"

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Dear America, The Fences Between Us (K.Larson) Wild Roses (D. Caletti) The Nature of Jade (D. Caletti)

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