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PULL OF GRAVITY Author--Gae Polisner Interview+Giveaway

Last August, the awesome book blogger Cari recommended I follow Gae on Twitter because we both love to swim. I am so grateful for that tip which lead me to the author of one of the most funny yet poignant books I've read in years. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Gae and offer you a chance to win a copy of her debut novel. Enjoy the interview and leave a comment for her. That simple. Contest ends at midnight, 10/11/11. I'll announce the winner here on Wednesday, October 12th. You don't want to miss this novel!
Photo: Rick Kopstein
Gae Polisner writes women’s and young adult fiction and wrote The Pull of Gravity as an homage to the books she loved as a teenager by the likes of Zindel, Konigsburg, Blume, and L’Engle. When Gae is not writing, she is a practicing divorce attorney/mediator and in her spare time can be found swimming in the open waters off Long Island. She is still hoping that one day her wetsuit will turn her into a superhero, but in the meantime, the neoprene seems to hold all her molecules together. The Pull of Gravity is her first (published) novel. Gae's Website

On Writing:

Favorite thing about writing a first draft: the hopeful, delirious opening moments where a spark of an idea comes, and my fingers fly across the keys, and these gorgeous words flood across the white screen, and there’s absolutely nothing to stop me - or these words - from becoming the most brilliant thing I’ve ever written.

Which, of course, is soon followed by the realization that I have no idea what the $*&%^ I am even writing about.

Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens: getting a note that says, “I’m not really a reader, but I couldn’t put your book down.” Especially when it’s from a teen boy. 

Favorite word?(no profanity please ^_^) *stares blankly at screen with all feasible options taken away* Okay, fine, I’ve always loved the word calliope. As for the words I must like because I use them too much, how about unfathomable and disconcerting. Apparently, a lot of things in my life feel unfathomable and disconcerting. And of course, the best word there is: water. Liquid. Waves. Give me water or give me death. *reads it over. Rolls eyes. Leaves it anyway.*

One word that describes your path to publication: (unfathomably, disconcertingly) LONG. ;)

If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and an: Olympic swimmer or diver. I probably would have liked to have been an actor too. I acted as a kid. I’m very dramatic. ;)

On Life:

If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be: Can I snap and get three more solutions? ;) Oh, man, this question is too hard. I hate human suffering. I hate it worse when children suffer. I’d solve every problem there is that leads to humans – and especially children – suffering.

Best thing about being a child: Everything still being possible.

Worst thing about being a child: The world feeling big and overwhelming.

Best thing about being a teenager: That sense of immortality/fearlessness that comes from hormones mixing with not knowing too much, and not caring about what you do know if it’s not serving your needs at the moment. 

Worst thing about being a teenager: Not being comfortable in your own skin.

Most memorable teen moment: I have a few. One is my first real (tongue) kiss, which was actually a really weird situation… *doesn’t tell that story.* Another was senior year when my BFF and I had a secret sleepover *coughs* with our boyfriends at one of their houses, and the whole football team showed up outside on the lawn hootin’ and hollerin.’ Yeah, that was pretty.

One thing I’d like to say to my teen self: I know it’s trite, but it’s true: be who you are. **** anyone who doesn’t like you for it. Especially if who you are is a smart, kind, funny, gentle, good person who doesn’t want to do stupid things. ;)

A quote I live by: I have a few mantras. Here are two: writer-success-wise, “Keep your eyes on your own paper.” Life-wise, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

My  dream vacation: The hotel San Pietro, Italy, or an Alaskan cruise.

In My Perfect World…

Everyone would get a massage and fresh flowers at least once a week.

There would be an abundance of silliness and ridiculous, uncontrollable laughing. Also, water.

No one would be deprived of affection and human connection.

Every child would have unconditional love.

No one would ever (easy): suffer.

New windows would be free for everyone. Okay, fine, I got distracted. My house really needs new windows. ;)


  1. I loved this! Thanks to you both. And Pull of Gravity is on my to get, read and share list. What a combo!

  2. Awesome interview! You asked some really great questions!

    Also, I desperately want to read this book! I read the first chapter as a sample on my nook and was totally sucked in.

  3. Such an amazing interview! I think Gae is one of the most wonderful people I have met online and I love her book!

    (not an entry I have her book)

  4. I have wanted to read this book since I first found out about it. But somehow it hasn't made it to my bookshelf or in my hands yet. It will whether I win it here or not.

    Thanks Gae for sharing your most memorable teenage moments. I think we all probably had that terrible, awkward first kiss. I know I did (I won't be sharing it here either).

    And yes, in addition to your book, I would like to have a message at least once a week. :-)

  5. I just described my own work's target audience as 13 year-old boys, and girls who don't want love stories. I will totally check out your book. Thanks for the interview. Happy swimming!

  6. Wonderful interview, Angelina! I, too, want to read this book. I'm a sucker for any book with "gravity" in the title.

    "Keep your eyes on your own paper." Ha! Good advice but easier said than done a lot of the time.

  7. Thanks all! And Agelina for having me!

    And Kristen, easier said than done: YOU AINT KIDDING.

    All we can do is remind ourselves and focus on the good things. :)

  8. I love Gae Polisner and have been wanting to get her book all summer. Maybe I'll win?

    Liz Kales

    P.S. I have an American mail box.

  9. Great interview. Congrats on your first published novel. It is quite an accomplishment. It sounds like a great read ;)

    Patsy Ann Rivera
    patsyannrivera (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. This was really helpful, Angelina! :D Great post!

  11. Great interview

    Would love to read this one.

  12. This line cracked me up: Which, of course, is soon followed by the realization that I have no idea what the $*&%^ I am even writing about.

    That sounds like me with every first draft!

  13. LOL. I miss Long Island. So beautiful. --And I echo your mantras, especially the second one. Dare to dream eh?

  14. The story is right up my alley! Cannot wait to read it! :D

  15. Oh wow, that sounds really good. Fingers crossed!

  16. "In My Perfect World... Everyone would get a massage and fresh flowers at least once a week."

    Oh my gosh, today I had my very first professional massage! (As in, it wasn't my sister/mom/boyfriend sit-on-the-floor-in-front-of-the-TV-type-massage!) I agree with you. I'd like one every week!

  17. Rachel, totally. It's good, right? I bet movie stars get massages every week. Next life. :)

  18. (thanks again, Angelina. Hope whoever wins it, loves it. :))

  19. Gae--How could whoever wins not LOVE it ? ^_^

  20. Okay, I gotta tell you: the first question and I was laughing. But it's so true! And I can relate :)
    The rest of the interview is also so awesome! I'll be crossing my fingers :)

  21. I wonder if Gae is a water sign because she really loves water! I keep thinking of Dory in Finding Nemo when she sings "just keep swimming" continuously. (extemter at hotmail dot com)


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