Monday, June 4, 2012

Partner on the Path: Hillary Adams

Greetings to all of you who regularly stop by here and a grateful and enthusiastic "hi!" to new followers. A long time has passed since I've introduced any of my partners on the path, so today I've got an extra special writer for you to meet. It is my pleasure to welcome my lovely agent sister, Hillary Adams who is also repped by Katie Grimm. She's been a great partner as we've climbed  parallel paths on this harrowing journey to publication. If you're climbing this rocky mountain with us, please take a moment to say hello and hand Hillary a cyber energy bar. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.   
What resources have you found most helpful on your writing path? and my very patient, supportive husband.

What’s the most encouraging thing you’ve experienced along the way?

Finding a fabulous agent who loves my book.

Favorite children’s books? Authors?

The Graveyard Book, A Wrinkle in Time, Weetzie Bat. I love Dr. Seuss and Edward Gorey.

What keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

I revisit an email that my mother sent me a few years ago after reading the first three chapters of my then-mostly-unwritten novel: “I absolutely LOVE what you have here, honey. This is it. This will be the one…”

If you could choose to live any place on the planet, where would it be?

In Burgundy, France.

Describe your fantasy writing space?

A cozy study with walls of books….a huge leather chair and ottoman where I can write by the window with my feet up…a view of some sprawling orchard full of crooked old trees…a fireplace crackling nearby...ahhh…

What obstacles have you overcome in order to keep writing?

I overcame a very painful dry spell with my writing. For years, I’d been trying too hard to be profound and clever as a writer. Everything I wrote came out stiff, contrived, dull. Eventually, I had to ask myself WHY I wanted to write fiction in the first place, and when I remembered that having fun was part of the equation, I decided to write books for young readers instead of for adults. This decision brought writing back to life for me.

What one word describes your writing process?


What do you appreciate the most about being part of the children’s writers community?

How welcoming and supportive people are! I tend to isolate as a writer, so it’s comforting to remember that there are other like-minded folks out there going through the same things I am.

Best writing advice you’ve been given?

Your intuition knows what it wants to write, so get out of the way.

What do you like to keep in mind while drafting a story?

That all writers write messy first drafts. That everything I’ve ever written and loved started out this way. That this is the time to place duct tape over the mouth of my inner critic and try to have fun and stay curious.

How will you celebrate the publication of your first book?

My husband and I will fly to New Orleans for a few days. Our first stop will be the French 75 where we’ll drink a bottle (or two) of pink champagne and eat oysters on the half shell.


  1. I love this quote "Your intuition knows what it wants to write, so get out of the way."

    Congrats and enjoy your Oysters!

  2. Like Trisha, I love the intuition quote, as well. Thanks for sharing this interview -- what an inspiring way for me to start my week!

  3. This is a great interview, Angelina and Hillary.

    Hillary, I can almost feel the support you are receiving from your mom and your husband. I hope you and the hubby get to take that New Orleans trip soon. :)

  4. "get out of the way" is awesome advice! I think I need to paste that on my desk or something for whenever I'm first-drafting. Thanks!

    Loved the interview. Thanks, Hillary and Angelina!

  5. Mercurial. How fun. And mmmmm. oysters.

  6. I've had to use quite a few times so I don't get stuck in a word rut. Love the interview!

  7. What a fun interview. Lovely email from mom - mom's are the best, aren't they?!

  8. Great interview. I think a supportive husband is the best resource of all. And I loved The Graveyard Book!

  9. Thank you everyone for all your kind and supportive comments! It's great to "meet" all of you!

  10. Love this interview! Esp good writing advice I must say. Thanks!

  11. Love this interview! Esp good writing advice I must say. Thanks!


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