Friday, November 16, 2012

The Most Interesting Thing--SURPRISE!

Last Sunday night I thought a transformer exploded in our backyard. I rushed to the window and saw this:

"But wait. It's not July," I mused. "What's going on?"
An amazing surprise!
I rushed to the radio so I could have music to accompany the awesome display.
And I heard Casey Kasem counting down the top hits of the week.
#12 on the list--Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou.
"But wait. It's not 1977," I mused. "What's going on?"

One of the things I love the most about life and writing are the unexpected surprises that arrive out of nowhere. Like a huge fireworks display in my backyard on a chilly Sunday night in November. And a radio station that flashes me back to my early childhood when I used to listen and sing along to the weekly top 40 religiously.

Has life surprised you lately? Has your story surprised you?


  1. We have this all the time at my house for no reason. Well, the reason is we're out in the county, and people like blowing off fireworks over the lake :D But it is always a delightful surprise

  2. Every day is a surprise right now...sadly, not always in a good way. But I'm trying to learn from it all and (ssshhhh...) I'm putting it into my WIP. One nice surprise was an amazon gift card for my birthday from my MIL. Now I have a cool new tripod on the way! And I await word from my agent on the last book, so let's hope for a happy surprise on that one...

  3. But what were those fireworks all about? Some random dude firing them off? A marriage proposal? National Fireworks Appreciation Day?

    Surprises. Hmmm. Can't say I've had one recently but I sure am hoping for one. ;)

    1. I think they fired off for Veteran's Day. Probably too dry over the 4th.

  4. Life has definitely been full of surprises lately, and I'm glad you've had some good ones. Unexpected fireworks are some of the greatest things ever.

  5. Linda Ronstadt! Wow, that takes me back, lol.

    One not-fun surprise in life, one this-could-be-good surprise in the WIP, so I guess this week comes out even. ;)

  6. What a lovely photo. I could use a really good surprise, come to mention it! Here's to hoping you have many great ones in your life and or writing. :)

  7. Ooh, how fun! I love happy surprises in life AND manuscripts. I hope I get both very soon! :)


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