Friday, January 15, 2010

The Great Critique-A Great Experience!

Earlier this week, a warm south wind blew a few of us down from the north for a delightful evening of critique with our SCBWI Western Washington friends. On the long journey home, the three of us Bellingham Networkers kept each other awake by sharing the positive experiences we all enjoyed.

A special thanks to Kerri Kokias, the faculty, and everyone else who made this special event possible!

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Jumping Off Swings (J.Knowles) Once Was Lost (S. Zarr) First Daughter, Extreme American Makeover (M. Perkins)

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  1. So fun to share that time with you Angi. I'm thinking about you on all your exciting adventures! I hope you post some tid-bits of your fun!


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