Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working Through A New First Draft

It's been three years since I've finished a first draft and in that time I've gained so much knowledge about the craft of writing fiction.

When I started my latest project, I wondered how different the first draft experience would be from the first time.

I had a blast writing my "first" first draft. Every moment was pure pleasure. Or shall I say completely self-indulgent. When it came time to revise, I had to chuck out the majority of what I'd written. OUCH!

This first draft is different. I'm still having some fun, but as I write, I keep in mind the many principles of storytelling that I've learned. I also make marginal notes to remind me of scenes that need more work, things that need to be researched, threads that need to come earlier.

After I finished my first novel, I went through it twice to check the grammar and spelling and thought I was done. The idea of changing anything about the characters or story seemed absurd. Ah, to be so naïve. Thank heaven for critique partners.

Since then, my attitude toward revision has changed and I can't wait to finish this first draft so I can roll up my sleeves and dig in.

Which do you prefer, the first draft or the revisions?

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Tuck Everlasting (N. Babbitt) Before I Die (J. Downham) Leviathan (S. Westerfield) Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You (P. Cameron)

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