Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Madness Day 23

Despite the challenges and obstacles, we've arrived at day 23. Congratulations! Spring has sprung, daffodils are blooming, snow will eventually stop falling, and we are pushing forward. Yay for us!

Spring is my favorite season. Can you tell? Watching my beloved lilac, lilies, and dahlias come back to life and bloom brings me tremendous joy. At the same time, I realize that much work awaits me in the garden.

Growing flowers reminds me so much of writing novels. Ideas can blossom into spectacular stories, but in order to thrive they must have an abundance of sunlight, the right food, regular water, and sometimes, painful pruning. First drafts must be properly nurtured to become the bright, fragrant, amazing books that we envision them to be. That takes loads of time, effort, and energy, doesn't it?

My hope is that everyone's hard work this month will flourish and keep growing into something breathtaking and stunning.

What do you love about this time of year? Do you feel the excitement?

I hope you all enjoy a delightful day. See you over at Shari's tomorrow!


  1. I'm a fall/spring girl much more than a winter/summer, so I'm also happy about the weather change. I love reading outside, I have since I was a kid, putting a blanket down and just losing myself in the pages and the nice weather.

    I did tons of agent research yesterday, but still so much to do. Still reading book 7/8, but should be done this weekend.

    Now I better get back to work :)

  2. I LOVE spring, especially on days like today that actually FEEL like spring. LOL. I was just getting into a stride with my WIP when I received editor notes on my book 2 yesterday afternoon. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I've printed off notes and a bunch of my manuscript and I'm going to take them to the gym with me. I feel like reading them out of the house will help me this morning...

    Wishing plenty of Wednesday writing mojo to everyone else today!

  3. I also love the spring and fall, they are indeed exciting times of the year. The part I like best about spring,is going around the house ripping, and I do mean ripping, the plastic off the windows, washing them and opening them for that fresh blast of spring air. This is not going to happen in the near future, however, as we just got a bunch of snow last night. Thankfully we didn't get nearly as much as they predicted we would get. It is bright, sunny, and COLD today. So I am going to pick up my mojo, and my coffee, and get working.

    See you tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful, productive day.

  4. Books and blankets outside sounds perfect, Jennifer. So does tons of agent research. Way to go!

    Denise, I feel your pain. Have fun at the gym. Hope that helps.

    Jenn B, sorry about the snow. My thermometer reads 29 this morning, but I see blue skies out there. Happy writing!

  5. Happy Spring to you! Our daffodil chutes are just beginning to appear, which is encouraging. Can't wait to see them bloom. And I like your analogy of a novel being like a flower. Well said.

    I wrote 850 words in a coffee shop yesterday, and a few more earlier that morning (I forgot to keep track of how many), so I was thrilled with that progress. Going back to the same coffee shop tomorrow. This morning, I worked on increasing the hotness-level in a first kiss between two characters. It's the first time I've written a kissing scene, so that's been fun as well as challenging.

    Cheering for each of you! Jeni

  6. I hear mentions of working at a gym but it dredges up a treadmill-going nowhere image for me rather than the productive opportunity it apparently is. LOL! I'm impressed by how many of you get inspired while running or exercising.

    I'm getting in an hour of writing this morning and then must do some housework things in prep for company arriving later today. Reality says I'm not going to get much writing done until after this weekend is over -- it's a four-day dog show weekend beginning tomorrow. Writing and reading will be relegated to moments salvaged after everyone else has gone to bed each night. Wish me luck.

  7. I'm a FALL/Spring girl, too, though I tend to favor Fall. Maybe that's because I write about dead people...! (just sayin') I hit only about 400 words yesterday, but I had some ultra bright lightbulbs flash today and I'm still writing. Forward march... (pun—take it or leave it)

    It's clear that the 20k goal is escaping into the night, but I'll not give up!
    Actually, this has been such a fabulous boost to keep me moving, so thanks to everyone joining the March Madness!! :-)

    I miss my crocuses and daffodils. I'll have to figure out how those things work down here in the South...

  8. i grew up in San Diego, land of no seasons whatsoever. so i get excited about the change into all of the seasons. spring excites me because it's time to start planting the veggies soon.

    i'm tinkering on my WIP while waiting for CP feedback, and mentally-musing the next book! all good. and the sickness i knew was coming didn't hit me as hard as i expected. yippee!

  9. I'm back! Yes, I fell off the wagon completely for a week and I don't know why. Just life, I guess. Determined to do better. Yay for spring!! The front door is open and there's fresh air and sunshine pouring in, even if the temp is still a little chilly. I reviewed some of my research last night and my goal is an hour or two of coffeeshop time with laptop this afternoon. Must work fast to achieve that!

  10. It is still cold up here - more snow coming this afternoon apparently, but I have to admit I love being able to curl up in the cozy apartment when it's cold out.

    I'm so glad to see everyone else continuing to make progress, even if it's different from what you set out to do.

    Good luck keeping it up, everyone! We are in the home stretch!

  11. Spring makes me happy. My WIP takes place mostly in summer, so I'm sweltering in my imagination. The wheels turned slowly today after a slight reverse yesterday, but I added 300 new words. I'm still on track for my goal of 20K, if I can continue my turtle pace and doggedness for the next week.

    Tonight is writing class - my favorite night of the week (well other than Friday when I rejoice in not setting the alarm clock).

    Good luck all, we're almost there!

  12. So great to come home to all your encouraging comments. Now I've got my BIC (bed actually) and I must get busy on revisions. I've got 9 of 48 chapters done. Deep breath. Diving in...

  13. Thanks for the post, Angelina. Love your springtime and flowers analogy :-) Interestingly, I just heard a taped book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson which espouses the cultivation of the little things in on a daily basis toward the completion of our goals. First that book, then here on March Madness... sweet serendipity!
    I'm pleased to say that I've made steady progress. I'm in the middle of editing a PB which I shared at a writing workshop yesterday night (and received positive feedback :-)) and I'm continuing on with another PB and poem. Feeling very enthusiastic albeit I'm also swamped with work. But it's all good. Hang in there everyone :-)!

  14. Great analogy. You are so right and with that little reminder I need to get back into the routine. No more excuses or my flowers are going to die!

    You'll all hate me, but can I have a couple more weeks of winter (writing wise) to recover from baby and get back on the spring wagon? :)

    I'm about halfway through the book I planned to read and review and I attended a local writers conference last weekend. Small steps!

  15. Edna. Glad we're in sync with the universe and congrats with the PBs and poem!

    So happy to have you back, Jessie. We'll forgive the request for more winter, under the circumstances. Small steps are still steps!

  16. * I've had trouble posting on your site so hope this one finally shows up.
    Thanks for hosting again, Angelina. Spring is a promise of new beginnings for me. I always feel perky during this season. But, I've had a slow week with my revisions so far. I'm trying to convince myself that small steps are better than none.

  17. Alright, I've finished this draft of Zooey's story and since I'm not writing or rewriting, I have to switch up my March Madness goals. My goal now for the rest of the month (which, eek! is only a week!) is to revise this draft. It's not very long to accomplish this, so I'm definitely pushing myself but MAYBE I can do it... at least get it shaped up enough to move onto the next half of my book (the other sister's POV).

  18. "My hope is that everyone's hard work this month will flourish and keep growing into something breathtaking and stunning." -- THANK YOU for this! What a great thing to wish for, and so beautifully put. :)

    I didn't get any writing done today. (House full of kids -- yay spring break! lol) Did my critique's for tomorrow's writing group, though.

  19. Not sure if this counts as a check in since it's almost 3 AM.

    Didn't make much progress on my goals today. Hoping tomorrow (later today) will be better.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  20. Gerri L. Sorry you had trouble, but thanks for persevering. As I said earlier, small steps are still steps!

    Wow, Jordyn. Sounds like you're on fire. Keep going!

    Shari, have a beautiful spring break. How about that sunshine, eh?

    Chris, I think a 3 am check-in deserves something. Have a great writing day, today!

    Now I must get back to work.

  21. So I fell asleep writing again, so I forgot to check in last night. Oops. (Sorry!)

    Yesterday I managed to clock some writing time on my lunch break. When I got back to it later last night, I got stuck on the scene I was working on, so I did a skeleton-version because that helps me get something on the page. I hope to write again on my lunch break today, and do more after I hit the gym after work.

  22. Now that's perseverance! I'm encouraged.


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