Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Madness Day 30

We've almost arrived! Many of you reached your destination last week, and some of you have experienced some unexpected delays. But we've all gotten closer, haven't we? What have you learned along the way?

Before I started writing novels, I wrote music. My best compositions emerged during the period when I was performing every day in a tea house. Playing for several hours each day both improved my skills and inspired greater creativity. The same is true with writing words.

One of the most important bits of writing advice I've been given: Write everyday!

What about you? What is your best writing advice?

I've enjoyed getting acquainted with all of you through your comments this month. I hope you will still stop in here on Wednesdays and let me know how you're doing. Starting next month I'll be back to posting author interviews and giving away books, but mostly I just muse on the writing process.

Congratulations everyone and thanks for sharing your journey! See you tomorrow at Shari's.


  1. Angelina,

    It has been a great month. I didn't reach all of my goals, but I got the important bits done. ;) I agree it has been wonderful getting to know everyone through this community experience. Thank you and congratulations to EVERYONE for your part in getting yourself through the March Madness Challenge and making progress no matter how great or how small. I will be stopping in here on Wednesdays. I will see you all tomorrow. I am working on making writing everyday a habit.

  2. Thanks, Angelina! Got my goals done but then I'm struggling with the new ones I set (gaaaah!). No matter what, I agree that writing every day is important, and that's why I love challenges like this. :-)
    Please keep in touch!

  3. Great advice about writing every day - I've got the bad habit of not writing for weeks, then spending several days hunched over my laptop, trying to put down everything that's in my head. I need better time management skills!

    I've had a blast with March Madness and good luck to everyone with their future goals!

  4. Happy to hear you've all had fun. We'll take what we've learned into April and beyond!

  5. Writing every day is stellar advice, and I love hearing how it relates to you as a musician.

    I've been working on this revision pretty much non-stop (every single free moment I have), but I think I have a tiny bit more free time coming up in the next week. Looking forward to getting a big chunk of this thing done!!

  6. Go Denise! We've got perfect writing weather. Beautiful new lake forming in my driveway.

  7. I just met my march madness goal of sending my agent my new ms! My best writing advice is just get the story out of your head and onto the computer. You can always revise later.


  8. It's been a fabulous month for writing! Thanks for giving us a place to vent, share, explore, and all the rest of it. I didn't quite reach my goal, but I made significant progress. Yesterday I completed another chapter, adding over 600 words for that session.

    I've stayed inspired and motivated thanks to all of you.

    I even managed to stay mostly sane! That was a big achievement! So thank you to Angelina and the whole crew!

    As for advice...ditto what Serenissima said. Just get it out there.

  9. Great news, Serenissima! I did the same on Monday. And great advice.

    Keep it up, Mary Ann. I hope that fabulous, inspired, motivated spirit stays with you into April and beyond!

  10. I can't believe tomorrow is the end of March! That makes me panic about how fast time is slipping away and how little I actually get done in a day (or a month). I need to take my own 'best advice', which is "Just do it." Don't wait for inspiration, or a better time. Just do it. Now.

    I've met partial goals this month, and revamped others. It's been fun meeting new people, checking in with everyone and offering encouragement while being encouraged. There's just 18 hours left of March Madness for me, so I'm off to see what more I can get done. Happy writing, everyone!

  11. Taking notes:

    *Write everyday.
    *Get the words on paper.
    *Just do it. Now.

    All such great advice.

    I'm still working on changing my writing habits. I've been a longtime spurter, but I think it's way past time for a change. Or maybe at least trying a new approach.

    So instead of doing BEDA (Blog Every Day in April), I am going to Write Every Day in April, or perhaps I'll call in Create something Every Day in April. CEDA for short, partially because I like the homage to Left 4 Dead universe. But also because it allows me to continue my March Madness goals to keep working on my writing by just simply writing be it my YA WIP, my Script Frenzy project, my blog, or something that just can’t wait to be written. (My characters from other works seem to like to make sudden appearances when I’m trying to fall asleep and rattle off epically awesome pieces of inner monologue, description, etc. I think I need to put new batteries in my tape recorder, because by the time I grab my cell or notebook, the words don’t appear so epically awesome.)

    With a little over thirty hours left of March Madness, I still think I might be able to write a chapter of my YA WIP. I mean I’m a spurter, after all, at least till the end of March Madness. :-D

  12. Thanks, Carol, "Just do it. Now." is great advice. Hope those last 18 hours are fabulous ones.

    Chris, I like the advice sum up. Looks like a great bit to put on a note card and post it where it can be seen every day. I also like the thought of CEDA. Best wishes for the last hours of March Madness!

  13. Angelina * Thanks for this post and your supportive words. Congrats to you too! Thanks to being in the midst of great company I've gained momentum with my book by trying my best to write each day, despite a few delays. Most of all, I've become more confident in myself as a writer. This is the best writing advice I have - "Keeping believing in your story."
    Take care. I look forward to continuing to read your blog. * Best wishes....

  14. I'm a bit late checking in for last night ... but last night was the first day of March Madness where I didn't get anything done despite wanting to, badly. My lunch break was taken over by ... certain unavoidable work-related things. Then it took way too long to make dinner and cupcakes I'd promised to bring in to work today. So yesterday was the first time I actually felt that I hadn't accomplished my goals at all.

    The best writing advice I've had? I agree with Carol "Write every day" wins. Well, and "Keep writing." But they kind of mean almost the same thing.

    So I'm going to keep writing. That's all I can do.

    -- Laura

  15. My best writing advice: Love it--hate it--love it again, but keep at it if it's what you are passionate about.

    Thanks for helping me on my Loving Library Challenge. Really appreciate it. I'm now one of your followers and hope we'll connect again.


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