Monday, April 4, 2011

How My Cat Helped Heal My Face or The Importance of Encouragement

Three months ago I had a nasty skin cancer removed under my eye (4 1/2 hours of surgery and 14 stitches). Friends exhorted me to use vitamin E to help heal the scar, but I kept forgetting to apply it on a regular basis. I needed help. Enter His Royal Catness.

My persnickety Persian discovered the bottle of vitamin E oil. Every time I pass by the bathroom, he jumps on the counter, stares at the bottle, and purringly begs me to use it. He loves the stuff!

But what does this have to do with writing a novel? Enter the Importance of Encouragement.

Writing companions keep me going. No, they don't jump on my keyboard, stare at me, and beg for a drop of oil, but they do pop into my inbox cheering me with heartening messages from time to time.

Last month I got a whole lot of help by means of March Madness. Thanks all of you who joined in. If you need a dose of motivation, hop over to Denise Jaden's Blog each Monday.

Speaking of inspiration, Wednesday I'll be posting an interview with charming YA author, Jenn Hubbard, and giving away a copy of her debut novel, The Secret Year.

Where do you find encouragement? Do you need some now?

WHAT I'M READING: Real Live Boyfriends (E. Lockhart) The Latte Rebellion (S.J. Stevenson) Delirium (L. Oliver) Wither (L. DeStefano)


  1. I definitely find encouragement through my writing and blogging friends. But I also find that encouraging myself is the biggest thing I have to do. If I have writing and publishing goals I want to accomplish, I have to actually sit down and write in order to accomplish them. So, a lot of it is just telling myself that simple fact: No writing, no accomplishment!

  2. Yes. We all need a daily dose of self-motivation! Thanks for the reminder:-)

  3. Love the self motivation too! But for me, I like knowing that I'm not in the boat alone. So definitely from friends and blogs about people actually writing. If they can do it.... you know the rest! =)

  4. I had a cat like that too...really took care of me. I hit the Blue Boards and my favorite blogs everyday for inspiration and commiseration. I was very active in my the EPA chapter of SCBWI and always felt well fed by so many inspiring, talented, supportive people there.

    Since I moved away, I have been battling the "I really suck and should just pack it in" monster. I live in a very isolated, culturally starved, tiny part of the South. The SCBWI chapter is huge, but not a soul is nearby.

    Thank you to you and all the March Madness participants for giving me a boost and keeping me sane. I'm on a good track. BUT, I'm in desperate need of a retreat or a conference. Time to take myself and my laptop off to some inspiring location for a couple of days. Maybe down to Ft. Walton Beach...Anyone want to join me?

  5. Would love to join you Mary Ann, but alas. . .

    Moving is hard. I'm glad March Madness helped and hope our community can continue to give you the support you need to keep on track.

    Thanks for sharing!


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