Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Poetry Month

It is with pleasure that I announce the winner of a copy of Jennifer Hubbard's debut novel, The Secret Year:

Kate Fall

Please e-mail with your mailing address: yascribe(at)

This month is National Poetry Month. What does that mean to me? Have I been reading, writing or thinking more about poetry? Well, yes. I must confess, I'm a novel in verse addict. Have you tried one? Would you like to? What's your favorite novel in verse?

Next week I'll be posting an author interview with Lisa Schroeder who has published three young adult novels in verse. I just finished Lisa's beautiful novel, Chasing Brooklyn. If you haven't read a novel in verse yet, there's a start. And I can recommend dozens of other authors including Helen Frost, Sonya Sones, Ellen Hopkins, Jandy Nelson. These are just off the top of my head. There are many more.

Do you have a favorite poet, poem, or novel in verse? Please share!!!

WHAT I'M READING THIS WEEK: Where She Went (G. Forman) Chasing Brooklyn (L. Schroeder) Between Shades of Gray (R. Sepetys) Not That Kind of Girl (S.Vivian)


  1. Eileen Spinelli's WHERE I LIVE is a wonderful book for young readers. I shared it with my daughter as we prepared to move from PA, the only home she really knew, all the way to southwest Georgia.

  2. Congrats, Kate!

    I love verse novels, too. In addition to the ones you named: Because I Am Furniture (Thalia Chaltas), if you like them dark and gritty.

  3. Loved Because I Am Furniture! Going to go put Where I Live on my list now. Thanks for the recs Jenn and Mary Ann!


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