Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anna Sheehan, Author of A LONG, LONG SLEEP

A must, must read

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may know that when I find a book that intrigues me and surprises me, a book I can't put down, I am compelled to let everyone know about it. This is one of those times. Thankfully, Anna Sheehan graciously responded to my request for an interview.

On Writing:
Favorite thing about writing a first draft: When the story starts to flow and seems to tell itself. Those few scenes that just fall out of you whole.
Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens: The best thing about writing for teenagers is how important anything can be in a YA novel. Since teenagers are forming their entire future selves, something as important as abuse or as trivial as an acorn can be something they accept as natural, or change their entire world view.
Favorite word? Sorcery. Something about the sibilance of the word just gives me chills.
One word that describes your path to publication:  Over-dramatic!
If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and a: Philanthropist! Get me rich enough to be a philanthropist and I will be one with pleasure!
On Life:
If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be: Pollution and global warming. It affects everyone and everything. If anyone else has a different answer to that, their priorities are a little skewed.
One question I wish I had a definitive answer to: You know, I value the questions of life. There’s nothing I feel we need. Maybe "How to fix this," ("this" being whatever it needs to be) but the how will come about by trying and failing and trying again, anyway.
Best thing about being a child: Your desire and ability to play. As a child, you can play with anything. It becomes harder as you grow.
Worst thing about being a child: No one listens to you.
Best thing about being a teenager: Hm. Well, possibly the peak physical aspects, but mine were never that hot to start with, so it wasn’t MY best thing. My best thing was ... nope. Nope. Being a teenager sucked. Oh! Some of the opportunities you get which frankly just go away as you get older, unless you want to pay money through the nose.
Worst thing about being a teenager: Oh horrors! Don’t make me live that again!
Most memorable teen moment: I guess when I went to Paris. I remember that pretty well. All the other things I remember were pretty unpleasant. Even Paris was tainted – I went into anaphylactic shock just as I got back and nearly died.
One thing I’d like to say to my teen self: Hang in there. It can do nothing but get better.
A quote I live by: Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you. William Blake, Proverbs of Hell.
My dream vacation: Oh, probably my darling Ireland. But there’s a thousand places around the world I want to see, as well.

In My Perfect World…I’m afraid my perfect world is very predictable. I don’t consider these questions to be jokes, so I’m not going to include ice-cream, novels and Dr. Who episodes. Everyone would get accurate and relatively unbiased news and keep themselves up to date on the state of the planet at least once a week. There would be an abundance of clean water and healthy food. No one would be deprived of the beauties of nature or our valuable endangered species. Every child would have an education. No one would ever suffer abuse. Health Care would be free for everyone.

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  1. Great interview you two. I think happy teens aren't the best writers. What do you think?

    Glad you featured this writer and her book, The Long Long Sleep.

  2. Great interview! I'll have to add A LONG, LONG SLEEP to my to read list.


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