Friday, November 18, 2011

The Most Interesting Thing: Pushing Our Boundaries

"Look. Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn't really have judgement in it's purest form. So just go, just go."--K. D. Lang

Have you ever felt like your writing is trapped in a hamster cage, spinning around and around in that little blue wheel, going nowhere? If so, welcome to my world. The moment I let down my guard, I find myself confined again, belly up and miserable. 

How do I get out? I push the boundaries of my art. Challenge myself by writing something completely beyond my comfort zone like humorous MG, third person POV, or historical fiction.

My latest challenge came this week when my teen nephews asked me to create a murder mystery role-playing story for a family gathering in February. Murder mystery? Me? The wheels are already turning. Not that horrible hamster wheel, but the creative merry-go-round that gets me giddy with excitement. 

What about you? Have you pushed your writer boundaries lately? 


  1. For me recently, it hasn't just been about trying different things with my writing, but more of pushing myself to stick to a true and disciplined writing schedule.

  2. Oh yes. I've found myself writing in a genre that I never planned to try because 'I can't possibly do that'.

  3. Since the start of November, I've been pushing myself extremely hard to finish a non-fiction piece I started over a year ago. I know my subject well, but I'm finding the construction of a non-fiction VERY challenging.

    Working on it the past two weeks has made me question my skills, my dedication, and my knowledge over the subject matter. I look forward to finishing the first draft.

  4. Yes! The WIP that is no longer a WIP was totally different - an adventure! with gasps and danger and oh no's! I'm drawn to write quiet, sweet stories naturally.

    Now I have a SCIFI idea rattling - me...scifi??? Definitely a challenge.

    I also have a MG ghost story idea - and I can't stand to read scary stories!

  5. I'm pushing with NaNo - my WIP is very tricky. It challenges me in formatting, voice, scene shifts - everything.

  6. Mieke-A regular writing routine is essential. Keep pushing!

    Sarah--That's me. Every day.

    Candy--You can do it!

    JRo--I believe you're having loads of fun.

    Tasha--Cheering for you!

  7. I tried and quit (within the 1st week and 15K words) NaNoWriMo. My story was commissioned by my crit group, but it wasn't a story I could write. I honestly didn't feel like slogging through the crap after 50K. I'm okay with failing, even though I pushed up against the writing boundaries and met insurmountable resistance. I did push, after all....

  8. Seems like I'm always pushing my writing boundaries! I think it's great that your nephews asked you to write that for the family get-together, and it's even better that you're having fun writing it! Let us know how it turns out.

  9. Excellent post, Angelina! Lately I've been pushing my boundaries in ways that aren't related to writing, hoping the experiences and stimulation will make my future writing richer. I think it might! Regarding writing, I sometimes feel the same way and try to stretch myself as well. I think it's important for growth.

    Good luck with the murder mystery! I bet it will be great!!

  10. How awesome is that?! Knock 'em dead with that murder mystery. Oh, how I know the hamster wheel.

    Boundaries? OY! Got any TNT?


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