Friday, December 30, 2011

The Most Interesting Thing: Reading Poetry

"Always be a poet, even in prose."--Charles Baudelaire
While eating my way through Ray Bradbury's thought-provoking Essays on Creativity from Zen and the Art of Writing, I took to heart a suggestion about reading poetry every day. Not a difficult task for my poetry loving soul. So I've been reading two poems aloud every morning and loving it. The only challenge I face is the odd behavior my poetry reading elicits in my Persian. Something about the rhythm of the words provokes him to jump on my chest and place his furry face inches away, giving me the creepy stare. Despite my annoying cat, I feel encouraged and invigorated by my new poetry habit.

Any of you like to suggest a favorite poem or poet? Do you think reading poetry feeds the creative spirit?


  1. I love poetry and just bought a book of poems the other day. I'll have to break down and read a little each day.

  2. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet. Love your cat!

  3. I love reading poetry. I'd like to read more of it.

    My two favorite poets are Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Like Kirsten, Mary Oliver is a favorite.

    I also love this poem called "Talking a Bath" by Mason Williams. It's out of print so I'll share it here.

    I liked that
    Sitting on the bathroom floor
    Watching you take a bath
    Talking to you.

    I stuck my hand
    In the water and slowly
    Moved my fingers along
    The softness of your thigh.

    I took handfuls of water,
    Spilled them over your
    Milk and silken shoulders,
    Enjoying the gentle
    Sensuousness of your skin
    Slick with water

    You had your hair pinned up
    In lovely disorder
    To keep from getting it wet
    And you played as you talked
    Little splashes
    With your fingertips

    Talking a bath,
    I liked that,
    And I don't even remember
    Anything we said.

  5. Gary Snyder is my favorite poet.

    And I love the cat "creepy-stare" story.

  6. Angelina, that's so funny about your cat! I love, love, love Ray Bradbury, who wrote pure prose poetry. I do think poetry helps inspire lyrical writing. I like Rumi a lot, and Walt Whitman. The beat poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is also a hoot (A Coney Island of the Mind).

  7. Thanks for the all your recommendations. My poetry reading list runneth over!

  8. Also laughed a little your cat sounds like fun!


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