Monday, January 2, 2012

A little 2012 WIPMADNESS Anyone?

It's Monday morning and I just realized I volunteered to take the reins for January. Do I have writing goals this month? I'm having so much fun revising the historical, I sometimes forget to eat. Outside of working on it everyday, I don't have any specific goals. Once I start, I have a terrible time tearing myself away, so I guess my goal is to make sure I don't starve to death. ^_^

WIP goals for January anyone?


  1. I've got a few WIP goals for this month:

    1) Finish short story for my writing group (deadline 14th Jan)

    2) Finally finish NaNo novel (2 chapters to go)

    3) Really get moving on the 2nd novel in my trilogy (only written a couple of paragraphs so far)

    I tend to get so absorbed in my writing that I forget to go to bed or eat. It's a good job my daughter is around to remind me! Lol

    Wish me luck???

  2. Sure, I'm up for some WIPMadness! My only goal is to FINALLY finish the edits on my WIP. I've been putting them off since November and I need to get them done so I can send my revised ms back to my betas.

  3. Carlie--I don't believe in luck, but I wish you the energy and motivation to meet those reasonable goals!

    Jennifer--Get busy! ^_^

  4. I have GOT to get my WIP draft finished. I'm shooting for the end of this week and then start on revisions.

  5. Well what I really hope happens is that I get derailed from my WIP when my dream of a book deal magically comes true!

    But, while I dream and wait for news, my goal for January is 15k more words on the YA Contemp. I started at the end of November.

    Happy writing all and thanks for hosting Angelina!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I am revising my historical too! Just the beginning for now, since I still need the rest to breathe a little before diving all the way in, but it feels great to play with it even a little after some time away.

    I'll be working on some other short projects this month too, but I will definitely be writing or revising all month. Yippee!

    And I love cheering everyone else on, of course! Especially you guys who are finishing drafts (Carlie, Tasha). You can do it!!!


  7. I only have one goal this January: finish revising my YA Contemporary and hand it off to my agent.

  8. JRo--Write and wait. Wait and write. Right there with you. ^_^

  9. I am also hoping not to starve to death. ;-)

  10. I'm really enjoying this revision, and hope to get through it by the end of January.Suffering through January sniffles at the moment...

  11. Jennifer and Denise--Seems it's open season on novel revision. Hope we all bag a great one. ^_^

  12. My biggest writing goal for January is to polish the first 50 pages and synopsis of my WIP so that my agent can submit them as my option book proposal.

  13. For January I am continuing with three goals from December:

    1) Finish my spreadsheet of agents to query, and actually send out the queries.

    2) Read, because I am still feeling a bit creatively drained.

    3) Keep pursuing my health and fitness, a) by getting stronger and b) by tracking what I eat (and hopefully eating less crap as a result).

    However, I will also add writing back into this mix. Because of that epiphany I had about writing a little while ago, my desire to get back to writing is creeping in as a result. So:

    4) Writing. Something whenever I can, even if I'm just jotting down some impressions or descriptions that have nothing to do with SOTS or JG or anything else. Because I need the practice, and December I fell away from it a bit because I was so busy with all of that beta-reading.

    Happy new year!

  14. Man, just under deadline :)

    Strong goals, all!

    My goals for January are:
    1) Make a list of at least 35 agents for query round 1 (to be sent in Feb)
    2) Write 350 words a day. I know it's tiny, but I don't know where I'm going, and I want to make progress that makes sense.

  15. I want to work on my query/synopsis/editing a little bit every day. I will take any one of the three, but I want to do a little bit each day.

    I have some writing work I need to do on a short story and some other less definable goals, but that one is the main one.

  16. I’ve missed posting on so many of these because of the holidays. The holidays always take much of my time because we make our gifts and I have to have the place cleaned up for company (and I’m notoriously terrible with keeping up with the housework). As a result, I don’t get much writing done until the season settles down.

    Last week, I burned through a revision on the 25k piece (and it’s still under word count, YAY!) (thanks, Laura, for the feedback!) and I’m going to work on some screenplay work this week until I get more beta reader feedback to work with. My biggest goal for January is to get the 25k piece polished and sent out before the 31st. When that’s done, I’m going back to my epic fantasy to finish the first draft of the second book and begin revisions on the first one. I’m hoping to get final revisions done on both books by my birthday, which is the end of March, and start sending it out.

    Long-term goals are to finish two more books and have them sent out by the end of 2012.

    Beyond that, I want to try to get my garage cleaned back up and get working on some wood projects. I got a scroll saw and an angle grinder as gifts and plan to put them to good use soon. I also want to get my current paintings finished and perhaps get the others sketched out, but the writing comes first.

  17. I just seem to be running about a week behind, lately!

    Okay...this time I really mean it...I am going to finish the WIP! Yes that is my goal. Finish the WIP, run through one more time, and get it to the agent.

    That's all I'll commit to for now.

    Happy New Year all!!! And may 2012 be filled with creativity, inspiration, and fabulous book deals all around!

  18. Jeanne--Must feel good to write those words. Congrats again. ^_^
    Laura--We'll be cheering for you.
    Lora--We'll keep you accountable. ^_^
    B.A.--A little bit each day is an excellent, attainable goal!
    Daniel-Sounds like lots of fun projects. Best wishes!
    Mary Ann--Here, here!

  19. This month, the goal is 2K/week. Just steady progress will make me happy. Goal for 2012 is first draft done, hopefully by fall.

  20. Girl Parker--That sounds reasonable. Go you!

  21. Two goals:

    1) Go through the first draft of my WIP and fill in all the details I researched over the holidays (street names, setting details, etc)

    2) Print out and read the first draft and make notes on big picture issues (plot, characters, flow, etc).

  22. This is a really great idea! It keeps us up on our resolutions.

    My goal for January is to get through my first revisions and my WIP sent to my betas.

  23. Don't forget to eat. ;)

    I'd like to start a draft based on an outline I wrote last year. My other goal is editing a WIP to get it to beta readers.

  24. Alexia and Jenna--Welcome aboard. We check-in every Monday and you can find us on Twitter with the hashtag #wipmadness.

    Medeia--Sounds reasonable. Enjoy!

  25. Oh, THIS is where my #wipmadness peeps hang out off Twitter :)

    January goal is to get first three chapters of TGG drafted, then revise the story's snowflake.

    1. Glad you found us. We're here this month, anyway. Sounds like you've got reasonable goals. Go, Anne!


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