Friday, April 5, 2013

The Most Interesting Thing: In A PICKLE

I really am in a pickle. See, I have this hilarious book by an even funnier author, Kim Baker , and I don't know who to give it to. If you think you should be the owner of this great book, please tell me why you're the right person to help me out of this pickle. You have one week to leave a comment starting NOW. Thanks.


  1. I'm the pickle queen! Dill pickle queen, that is. I've tasted every kind if dill pickle on this side of the Mississippi.

    Not sure I should be proud of that. Lol

  2. My son and I both love pickles. And we love reading together. A friend recently suggested we read this one together.

  3. I hate pickles. Please don't give it to me. Seriously.

  4. I love pickles and I have 3 boys ages 4yrs and younger that LOVE pickles. I found your tweet on and decided to come check it out. You have a nice blog here! I'm @traceyprestonc on Twitter.

  5. I'm very often in a pickle
    so I think this book would tickle
    my funny bone.

    If I ever meet Kim Baker
    I think that I would take her
    out to lunch.

    We would eat pickles.

  6. looks so great! must share with my boy!


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