Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Author Interview: Nova Ren Suma, author of IMAGINARY GIRLS

According to her brief bio, Nova Ren Suma is an easily distracted writer. A daydreamer. A big sister.

Everything I know about this author I've learned from following her on twitter. She's genuine, candid, and very excited about the release of her debut YA novel, IMAGINARY GIRLS. 
Here's a little bit more about Nova.

On Writing:
Favorite thing about writing a first draft:
The endless possibility.
Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens:
The chance to live again. And again. And again. And again.
One word that describes your path to publication:
If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and a:
On Life:
If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be:
One question I wish I had a definitive answer to:
What would have happened to Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano in the next season of My So-Called Life if the show had not broken my heart and gotten canceled? (I have deeper philosophical questions, too, I promise. But, really, I’ve pondered this often!)
Best thing about being a child:
The wonder.
Worst thing about being a child:
The powerlessness.
Best thing about being a teenager:
The first times.
Worst thing about being a teenager:
Being condescended to.
Most memorable teen moment:
Sneaking into the local reservoir at night and skinny-dipping under the stars with a beautiful, troubled friend who is no longer in this world.
A quote I live by:
What if?
My dream vacation:
A month spent living and writing and eating and exploring with E, my other half, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In My Perfect World…
Everyone would get a love note and a wish fulfilled at least once a week. There would be an abundance of shared knowledge and creative expression. No one would be deprived of their civil rights, including their right to get married to whomever they wanted. Every child would have an equal start. No one would ever feel hate. Education and health-care would be free for everyone.



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