Friday, June 17, 2011

The Most Interesting Thing I Learned This Week--Never Give Up!

"Never, never, never, never give up."
--Winston Churchill 
The little beige figure to the left  is yours truly

A few weeks ago, after six months without my heart rate elevating much higher than that of an aged sloth, I resolved to get my lazy rump out of bed early every Monday morning and take a hike, literally.

This week's adventure proved quite the challenge. Though it's the middle of June, it felt more like February. Cold. Dark. Pouring Rain.

As I hit the primitive trail in search of the elusive Maple Falls* I heard the roar of a grizzly behind me. But I ignored my Arizonian husband and forged onward through the moss covered trees, knowing he'd get over his aversion to the annoying precipitation once he found something worthwhile to photograph. See here

The forest grew denser, the rain fell in gallon buckets, the grizzly bear growled louder, but I refused to give up. Because I heard a noise. The unmistakable rush of cascading water.

Had I given up, given in, given out, I would have missed this incredible sensual feast that caused my creative well to overflow. (see picture above). Next week I'll share another amazing way these early morning hikes have contributed to more joyful writing.

Do you sometimes feel like you'll never reach your goal? Never finish your novel? Never get an agent? Never get your book published?

Whenever I feel like giving up, I picture that cigar-smoking British statesman and repeat his words in my head. Never, never, never, never give up.

Any thoughts?

*Having lived in the town of Maple Falls for over six years without finding them, I'd come to believe the existence of the real "Maple Falls" was the stuff of urban legend.


  1. Eerie, that's exactly where I am. The good news is, I'm starting my WIPmadness today with a clear head. Although a march to the falls sounds awfully tempting...

  2. I just think it's crazy you kept at your hike with a freakin' GRIZZLY bear growling in the woods. I would have been out of there!

  3. Thanks you both. JRo, my writing skills must be grossly lacking since you didn't get the metaphor. The grizzly bear was my grumpy husband. Had it been a real grizz I'd have been out of there, too!

  4. Well I thought that was a possibility but then I thought maybe you're just some sort of uber hiking woman and those trees look pretty thick! Grrrrr.

  5. I got the metaphor...but wishful thinking and a need to procrastinate took hold and I was a goner... LOL

  6. Gorgeous Photos!! And I completely admire your determination to keep going, especially being cold and wet. Totally rewarded! I guess it's the same writing... gotta keep trudging if you want to warm yourself with the hot cocoa at the end. Hugs!


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