Monday, August 29, 2011

WIPMADNESS--Last August Check-In

House buyer backed out because association won't let her keep GOATS in our residential neighborhood.
So we're not moving yet (insert very sad face here). 
We drowned our sorrow by camping  here this weekend
Welcome to the last three days of the month. For those of you who set writing goals at the beginning of August, how are you doing? For new followers, welcome and feel free to join in on the madness. 

The excitement of selling our house, planning the move, then having hope dashed to pieces, kind of threw me into a frenzy this past week, but I've been writing through it. The toughest thing, as I blogged about on Friday, has been my reluctance to end the story. I have one more big climatic scene to write, but I'm dragging my feet to get to it. I'm at 16K of my 20K goal for the month.  

Next month our WIPMADNESS host will be Jaye Robin Brown. I believe she'll be posting this Friday, so if you'd like to join in on the fun, be sure to check in with a new set of goals for September.  

So we have THREE MORE DAYS to reach our goals. Some of you are already there. Yay! How about the rest of us? Are we getting close? 


  1. Oh no!!! Probably some Voodoo queen, anyway. I'm sending some positive, house-selling mojo your way!

    Way to write through the chaos! I stumbled over the weekend. Two sick kids and insomnia kind of took it out of me. But I'm determined to pick up the slack. I hope to crack 50k today. We'll see.

    Good luck everyone! See you over at JayeRo's!

  2. I think I'm going to make my goal. I wanted my rough draft done, which means no holes. I have about three or four holes left to fill. Got a lot done on Saturday, not so much on Sunday as I got called into work.

  3. I'm cheering you on today, Mary Ann. I'm just going to do my best today. Hoping for a 2K day.

    Great work, Ruth! I hope you have a good shovel ^_^

  4. Ugh, I'm just sick about the change of plans! I hope you find another buyer soon who doesn't have such eclectic requirements! Of all the reasons to not buy a I've heard them all!

    As to goals - I was definitely in a much better headspace at the time because my goals were to: My Goals this month:
    - Finish edits of my novel
    - Write 15K on current WIP
    - Finish edits of my novella

    Silly rabbit! I did write 15K on my WIP, so that was a doable goal. The edits on both novel and novella haven't gone so smoothly - rewrites and tightening of the story have slowed down progress, but the positive side is that the story is better for it.

    So, I will continue to work on edits throughout September, and I think make goals that are much more obtainable.

    I hope the end of your WIP has a smooth finish *hugs*


  5. Goats? Probably just as well for your neighbors then, LOL.

  6. Ayyyyy! So sorry your sale fell through. For us, it took three potential buyers and over two years to sell our condo, and it is SO frustrating when a deal falls through. I hope your next one is a keeper!

    And I hope you can barrel through to The End this week! You are so close!

    I made both my goals this month - finishing my revision on WIP #1 and doing a full outline on WIP #2.

    I started drafting a little bit last week, using some bits from my pre-outline 20K words, and it was so much fun! Looking forward to drafting next month and checking in over at JRo's!

  7. Oh no! Sorry about the house sale. That is so frustrating.

  8. Okay, that is the weirdest reason I've heard for a house sale falling through. I hope it happens for you soon. The camping spot looks beautiful.

    Goals? Perhaps I should set some!

  9. Goats???


    So I made my 15k goal yesterday - yay!

    And I'm finally starting to feel some love for this WIP, it's no longer, "I better write, just to write."

    So double yay!

    I'm glad there'll be more WIPMadness for September. I definitely needed a kick-start in August and looking forward to pushing myself next month, too.

  10. Thanks for all the sympathy, everyone. I'm singing the blues this morning.

    Marie, that's great progress. On to September!

    Kip, you're an inspiration. Way to go!

    Yay for 15K, Jennifer! We'll check-in on Friday.

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  12. OMG, Goats?! Seriously? So sorry about that.

    I made my big goal of getting revisions turned in. But my poor blogging goal is as yet unmet. Maybe I need better inspiration than The Jersey Shore. I did contact a web designer about giving my site a facelift though. So that's something.

    Happy writing, y'all!

  13. Good for you for finishing revisions, Jeanne. We'll look forward to seeing that site make-over.

    Welcome anonymous from China! We'll enjoy getting to know you.

  14. You are kidding! So sorry. We have been trying to sell our house for the past year and we have 4 different buyers pull out for various reasons. None so cool as goats though:) It will happen for you! At least you write away your stress. I wish I did that rather than eat or something. I'd probably be way cuter:)

    My writing goals for August were not made and will not be made in the next three days. Oh well, I have a plan to make it work so next month I'll have better news for you!

  15. Almost forgot to check in. I'm attempting to play catch-up, to see if I can still meet my 15K goal. I'm at 11600 now, with a current daily goal around 1500 until the end of the month. So far so good.

  16. Bummer Angelina! I'd have to back out too, as I own a goat, along with 4 horses (down from 5 - find a buyer for one of them at least!).

    I did finish the first draft of what I'd hoped would be an older MG but am feeling like is now a YA, sigh. I just can't seem to do the younger thing.

    Now I'm revising my YA that got me my agent so that he can start shopping it. I made great progress on the first 100 pages, but now things are going to get a little trickier.

    Looking forward to hosting next month!

  17. I'll never look at goat cheese the same again. I'm SO sorry. It's completely ridiculous. But you WILL move, I know it. I'm really sorry for the waiting game, though.

    As for meeting my goals....hahahhahahaha! Not so much. But I'm very excited about my recent plot breakthrough, so that's better than nothing.

    Much love!

  18. Deana, you made me feel much better. Here's to a better September ^_^

    Jaime, I'm going to do my best to make mine, too. You inspired me.

    Thanks for stepping in JRo. Best wishes for jumping the difficult hurdles.

    Every bit counts, Girl Parker. Thanks for your loving support.

  19. I'll have to try again next month! I did write 10,000 in the past few weeks. So, at least that's something. Biggest issue? Working on too many other wips. I will post final word count on the last day of the month!! Congrats all the wipmadness writers. Angelina, sorry to hear about the house! It'll turn around, no worries.

  20. So sorry to hear the deal fell through. Stress, much? Ack. Here's hoping something else comes along quickly!

    As for my goals, revisions are going well. Excited to reach the end of this draft next month!

  21. Damn those goats, keeping you from joining me in sunny AZ.;)

    I'm checking in on the last leg of a 9 hr drive home from the 2ND vacation this month, which I should have anticipated since the hubs returned from deployment at its beginning....

    This week was writing misery. Wanting to and not having the opportunity to put butt in chair. Being around the fam 24/7. Being in the climax scene and not knowing how to finish.

    Maybe I should be more savvy about goal-setting when I know vacas are around the corner.

    But I'll try to make headway for next month in the next 2 days.

  22. Semi-close. I'm really trying, yo!

  23. Something better will come. Everything happens for a reason, right? And what more gorgeous a place to camp?

    As for me, well, between jaunting off to the distant city of Seattle, and my family essentially falling apart for reasons beyond my control (but every tower falls, and this one's been a long time coming), I've been a bit busy.

    But yesterday I had a dream that I died (turns out it was an administrative error; they sent me back) and in the dream I was so *angry* because I hadn't had the chance to finish my novel. Or any of the other creative projects I wanted to do. And if that's not a sign that I need to get to work, then I don't know what is.

    I found the key. Now I have to unlock the many, many doors that will lead to a complete WIP that I can send out.

  24. So sorry about your housing woes. Keep your head up and keep writing.

    Close to making the writing goal, about 3,000 off. We'll see if I can come through...

  25. Look at all this closeness! Best wishes for then next couple of days!

    L.S. Sorry about the family trouble and what a wild dream. We all need to finish our novels, don't we?

  26. Just wanted to say hi from the Campaign trail!

  27. I'm sorry to hear about the house sale!

  28. Welcome, Mary, Mary ^_^

    Thanks for the condolences, Golden Eagle.

  29. I don't really have any goals other than to keep writing :)


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