Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Green Buddy Shares His Outrageous Thoughts on Getting His Book Published

Angelina: So Ace, your book comes out in exactly one week, how do you feel about that?
Ace: Will people send me gummy worms? If so, I feel great! 
Angelina:  You better hope people send you gummy worms, because I won't buy them for you anymore. They turn you into one crazy alien and I won't be a party to that.
Ace: Party? Did you say party? Are we having a party to celebrate the fact that I got a book published and you didn't? 
Angelina: Don't forget, I did help you get this book published, you know. 
Ace: And now you need to encourage people to buy my book! Because I need money to get gummy worms since you're being so mean about them. 
Angelina: How about we stop talking about gummy worms and tell all these lovely people where you got the idea for your story.
Ace: Hmm. I guess it has always interested me that you Earthlings fart invisibly and still try to hide it. You blame each other, blame your pets, or pretend you didn't fart at all. So I wondered what would happen if one day you Earthlings started passing green gas like us aliens. So I wrote a story about it. 
Angelina: How did you go about writing your book? Did you use a laptop or write by hand?
Ace: I write like all aliens, with my left middle finger.
Angelina: How many times did you revise the novel?
Ace: Revise? No way. We aliens use permanent ink.  It comes out perfect the first time. Is it not that way for you Earthlings? 
Angelina: Not exactly. So what will you do to celebrate the release of your book next Friday?
Ace: Eat gummy worms all day long. Blow green gas. Pull the tails off cats. Burp purple bubbles. The usual things. Why do you ask? Do you have something special planned for me? Like a party?
Angelina: We'll see. But you have to promise to leave cat's tails alone, okay? Now how about we let all these lovely people ask you questions. Is there anything you'd like to ask Ace about his book or his journey to publication?
Ace: If you send me gummy worms, I'll answer. 
Angelina: Enough, Ace. Just answer the questions. 


  1. I don't have any gummy worms but Ace, do you have any other books or book ideas in the works?

  2. No gummy worms? What's wrong with you?

    As a matter of fact, I do. But it's top secret, ya know. All I can say is that it's set here in the Southwest and has to do with time travel. . .

  3. Do you like gummy bears? Or only the worms? Have you tried them warm and gooey?

    1. Bears are yucky. And no, I've never tried the worms warm and gooey. Should I?

  4. Well now. I suppose I could get you some gummy bears if it okay with Angelina OR I could eat gummy bears while reading your book!


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