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Author Interview and Book Giveaway--Jo Knowles and PEARL

For those of you who have not yet gotten acquainted with Jo Knowles, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to this beautiful hearted author and her work. Not wanting to embarrass this humble woman, I will refrain from gushing out the hundred plus reasons why I believe everyone should know her and read her books. 
One of you will receive a copy of her latest novel, PEARL, just for leaving a comment below and saying hello to Jo. Winner announced here next Wednesday, July 27th. 

You might also want to check out her other young adult novels: JUMPING OFF SWINGS and LESSONS FROM A DEAD GIRL.
  In the meantime, please enjoy a few words from Jo.

On Writing:

Favorite thing about writing a first draft:
I want to say typing “The End” but.. I don’t actually ever type that! I think I love writing the very first lines best. There’s something about the white screen waiting to be filled. It still feels so promising at the beginning. It’s the middle I have to slog through.
Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens:
Hanging out with them and talking about writing and books we love.
Favorite word?
Sashay? I don’t know if it’s my favorite word, but I smile when I read it. It makes me want to sashay across the room. Only I wouldn’t know how.
One word that describes your path to publication:
If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and a:
Cooking show personality. But old school, like Jacques Pepin. And it would have to be vegetarian.
On Life:
If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be:
World peace
One question I wish I had a definitive answer to:
Best thing about being a child:
Playing with abandon
Worst thing about being a child:
Being forced to eat stuff you don’t like, go places you don’t want to go, and hang out with people you don’t always want to hang out with.
Best thing about being a teenager:
Living at home
Worst thing about being a teenager:
Living at home
Most memorable teen moment:
Getting my driver’s license.
A quote I live by:
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  ~Confucius
My  dream vacation:
European vacation with my family. 
In My Perfect World…
Everyone would get love and hope at least once a week.
There would be an abundance of love and hope. 
No one would be deprived of love.
Every child would have food, shelter, safety, good books—and love.
No one would ever be mistreated.
College education would be free for everyone.

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  1. I slog through middles too - and sashay is a fun word! But it never fits a boy character, in my mind, only girls would sashay. Boys jaunt. Fun interview. Thank you to you both.

  2. Hi Jo! I like your perfect world - as a recent grad with 21K of debt weighing on my shoulders, a free college education is something I would support whole-heartedly!


  3. Vegetarian here too! I also share your idea of a dream vacation. Can't wait to read your books ever since the ECN webstitute. On my way to Chapters now to see if I can find Jumping Off Swings.

  4. Hi Jo, I've recently been introduced to your books and look forward to reading them to book talk them to my 8th grade students!

  5. Hello, Jo, I'd love to read Pearl and I can't wait to! :))

  6. Hi Jo! As a newly hired teacher, I am building my classroom library! Your book is on my list! :)

  7. I would ADORE adding another Jo Knowles book to my classroom library (and reading it this summer BEFORE the kids get it & I never see it again while they pass it around!)

    Fun interview...I always love learning more about favorite authors!

  8. I believe every middle school and high school teacher needs to have Jo Knowles' novels in the classroom. Of course, they are very likely to disappear because they are so loved. I'm on my third set of Jumping Off Swings and Lessons from a Dead Girl:) AND I just ordered Pearl from Amazon yesterday....

  9. Hey Jo! PEARL sounds awesome,just like you :)

  10. Just so you all know, I will be announcing the winner here on the blog next Wednesday (July 27th) . Please check back.

  11. Ha. Living at home is indeed the best & worst thing! Great interview :)

  12. Hi, Jo! I'm a huge fan and so very excited to read PEARL. Thank you for having this contest, Angelina. :)

  13. I am absolutely convinced that Jo can sashay across the room. There's a liitle bit of sashay in all of us. Confucius said that, I think.

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  15. Hi Jo! I can't wait to read Pearl. I have Jumping Off Swings waiting for me to finish my current read and I loved Lessons from a Dead Girl. I enjoyed this interview!

  16. Hello, Jo!
    Love, love that quote. my favorite word gets me strange looks but here goes: It's colonics. :/

    Can't wait to read PEARL!

    niaraie AT yahoo DOT com

  17. Hi Jo,
    Loved your EC webstitute session and found your comments about the writing process insightful and inspiring. Your books will definitely be in my classroom library this fall.

  18. Hi Everyone!

    I thought I commented here yesterday but I don't see me. Anyway, THANK YOU for all your kind comments and for participating in the giveaway!



  19. I agree with Jo on the childhood bit. My mom used to force me to eat all kinds of things. Yuck! What a beautiful cover for her book! Great interview. :)

  20. Hi Jo! I'm really excited to read your book, considering the massive influx of paranormal/fantasy in the market today. A good contemporary is just the thing I'm looking for. :)

  21. I have a magnet with that Confucius quote. It fits you well, Jo! :)


  22. Thanks for the fun interview! I loved Jumping off Swings and Lessons from a Dead Girl and am very much looking forward to Pearl.

  23. I love that quote by Confucius. Thanks, Jo!

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  24. She is such a generous author--generous with her encouragement to other writers (new and seasoned), which you can witness each September as she begins "JoNoWriMo." I am so excited to read PEARL; I loved the first chapter, and can't wait to hear more. Great interview!!

    jeni at

  25. Pick me! Pick Me! (I'll put it in the school library.)

  26. Angelina - Great interview. I know you are as much a fan of Jo as I am. She puts so much into her stories and her characters. A comment I have made before about Jo is - She always puts herself into her stories, which allows each of us to come away with her inspiration! Thanks for sharing. P.S. I have enjoyed reading your blog so much.

  27. Nice interview! I'm a vegetarian too! That dream vacation would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway and Hi Jo !. :]

  28. We have a winner! Tamara, please contact me with your mailing address:


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