Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Author Interview--Eileen Cook

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Loved this book!

Love the typewriter.

Eileen is one of those authors who's like potato chips for me. After reading one of her books, I had to go out and eat read the rest. I challenge you to try to read just one. . .

And if you're in the Seattle area this Sunday, you should go meet her and a slew of other fabulous YA authors at Third Place Books. But don't tell me you went, because I'm already heartbroken that I can't be there. 

In the meantime, enjoy some thoughts from Eileen:

On Writing:
Favorite thing about writing a first draft:
I love the first draft because there are so many things about the story still to be discovered.  Just in the same way that you can only read a book for the first time once, there is something about the first draft when everything is new.
Best thing about writing for kids and/or teens:
I love writing for kids/teens because everything matters so much. You haven’t had a chance to grow a thick skin from experience. When you fall in love it feels like no one has ever loved that way before, when you’re betrayed it feels like the world really is ending.
Favorite word? 
One word that describes your path to publication:
If I could have two dream careers, I’d be an author and a:
Cupcake taster.
On Life:
If I could snap my fingers and solve one of the problems here on earth, it would be:
Wow. I wish this would really work. I’d have lots of things I’d take care of with a snap. If I can only fix one thing then I would make sure every child had access to a loving home with people in their lives to encourage them to reach for their dreams.
One question I wish I had a definitive answer to:
Why people feel the need to judge other people.
Best thing about being a child:
Believing that magic is still possible. I love that kids still believe in Santa and fairies. Life might be better if we all believed in a little bit of magic.
Worst thing about being a child:
Believing that the thing under the bed really could get you.
Best thing about being a teenager:
It is the time in your life when anything is possible- you could move to Europe and start a band. You could go to college or travel. You could get married and have a family or you could live a wild single life. There are oceans of choices.
Worst thing about being a teenager:
You aren’t in control of so many things. If your parents move, you have to move. If you parents decide they want to be vegetarian then the only food in your house is tofu hotdogs.
Most memorable teen moment:
My summer after my senior year I went to a party and at some point my best friend and I split off from the group and were sitting by the water talking about how everything was about to change. In that moment I knew that even though I had no real idea what I was going to do with my life I wanted to make sure she would always be my best friend. 
One sentence you’d like to share with your teen self:
Don’t worry so much, things will work out.
A quote I live by:
Carpe Diem- Seize the Day.  Life is too short to watch from the sidelines.
My dream vacation:
A house by the ocean, a stack of books to read, long discussions into the night with my husband, and my dogs lounging around ready to bark a warning if there is some type of squirrel revolution.
In My Perfect World…
Everyone would get books and have a day off to read at least once a week. 
There would be an abundance of dog bellies to rub and cupcakes.
No one would be deprived of imagination.
Every child would have at least one great friend.
No one would ever belittle someone else.
Chocolate would be free for everyone.

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  1. Great interview! And Eileen, next time you visit me, we're having tofu hotdogs.

  2. I like Eileen's world, but I want more than one reading day a week. ;-)

  3. Uh oh...I still think the thing under the bed can still get me! Should I not read her stuff???? :P

  4. I have never read any of her books but sound very nice..great interview. I like your blog. I am a new follower!:)

  5. Cupcake taster would be fabulous, wouldn't it?

    And I agree: persistence!


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