Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Announcing the BWB Blog Contest!

Best Writer-Buddy

Here’s how it works:
We know the path to publication is rough. To keep writing when you’re discouraged, dejected, demoralized, and all those other d-words that make you want to fold up your laptop and fling it off the nearest cliff.

But when you’re down or, worse, when you feel like giving up, you turn to your BWB, your Best Writer-Buddy. That special person who knows and understands what you’re going through, who talks you off the I'll-never-write-another-word ledge. Your writer-buddy tells you to keep going, to hang in there and persevere. Reminds you how much you forked out for that laptop. This is the person you’ll thank someday when you write that Acknowledgements Page.

Well, to celebrate BWB’s everywhere, my lovely partners Kristen Lippert-Martin and Renee Collins—and I have put together this awesome blog contest for writers of YA and MG fiction.

How to Enter: In the comment section, tell us briefly (in 100 words or less) about your best writer-buddy and how she/he inspires and encourages you. If applicable, include a link to your blog as well as your BWB’s blog. Again, this is for YA/MG fiction writers only, but you can write in any genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Not-paranormal, Somewhat Paranormal – anything.

To Qualify to Win: Be a blog follower of mine, Kristen’s or Renee's, simple as that. You probably already are a follower anyway 'cause yer all are so sweet.

Winners: Each of us will choose a winner at random from the entries at our blogs. And, yes, that means that you have not one but three chances to win. Because you can go over to Kristen’s blog and follow her (if you don’t already) and then to Renee’s blog (and follow her as well) and leave comments/entries there.

Prizes: Winners at Kristin and Renee’s blog will receive a query critique from their fabulous agent, Molly Jaffa of Folio Literary Management (that's two total). The winner here will win a query critique from my fabulous agent, Katie Grimm at Don Congdon & Associates.

And here’s the good part, not only will winners receive a query critique, your writer-buddy will receive a copy of Cheryl Klein’s new book Second Sight AND both the winner and her writer-buddy will get one of these super cheesy, BFF half-a-heart pendants.

How cool is that?

Deadline: Entries must be submitted by Friday, Sept. 30 at midnight. We will announce the three winners the following week: one on Monday, 10/3; one on Wednesday, 10/5 and the final winner on Friday, 10/7.

I look forward to hearing your inspirational writer-buddy tales. And, yes, before you email to ask, you can absolutely write your entries in verse! Just tell me about your writer-buddy and let the fun begin!


  1. My writing buddy flies under the radar – no blog, or anything like that. He’s not a professional writer, but he has three qualities that make him the best writing buddy ever. First, he is a super editor. He has an eye for seemingly small things that really disrupt continuity (and also for places where adding something small will pull a story together). Second, he’s unfailingly honest. If he likes something, I know it’s good. And third, he’s incredibly supportive. He knows when to bring out the chocolate, and when to bring out the champagne!

  2. Oooo, this is a great idea for a contest!

    I met my BWB in Feb 2011, when I wanted to go to a conference and my mom (being a mother) called the coordinator and asked if teens attended. The coordinator hooked me and Kate up, and we started talking. And never stopped.

    Then we met in June 2011 at that conference, and now in August, we started an editing service together. I usually just call her my business-partner-in-crime, but BWB works too. We're freakishly alike, were born 3 weeks apart, and write each other haikus like this:

    I wrote a haiku
    all about our awesomeness
    but then it ended

    Her blog is here:

    And mine is here:

  3. What a fantastic idea, Angelina. I just wish the timing was better. I'm up to my ears in work plus the Campaign and a couple other blogger activities. Keep me posted, I would love to participate in another one of your contests in the future.

  4. What a lovely idea. I'd love to join in but I don't write YA or MG. Good luck to those who do enter though! :)

  5. Dusty and Taryn--Thanks for entering. Don't forget to follow the blog to qualify ^_^ Sounds like you have great writer-buddies. Love the haiku, Taryn.

    Angela--A person can only do so much, right?

    Cheryl--Thanks for being so supportive anyway. Next contest will be for everyone. I promise ^_^

  6. My writer buddy, Carol, is my chief critique partner at the moment. Even though we think alike, we pick up different aspects in each others writing which is really helpful. I enjoy critiquing her work and she recently picked up an agent. Woo hoo.

    My Blog
    Carol's Blog

  7. I have never met Alison, who I fondly refer to as my “writing twin.” We bumped into each other on Twitter and found we have a lot in common. We both have young children, and we both write. We have constantly kept in contact, through high points and frustrating times. We discuss so much, she probably knows more about me than some of the friends I see in the real world. She is very inspiring to me and a fabulous writer and beta reader. We will meet one day. I can’t wait!

    Alison blogs at:

    I blog at

  8. What a cool thing to do! I have two writer buddies, and they're equally amazing. They'll read things whenever I need, and offer honest commentary. The best thing is they encourage me and make me laugh my face off.

  9. What an AMAZING idea! Celebrating those that inspire us. I have two Best writing Buddies, but I'll have to think how best to describe them so the awesome can shine through. :D

  10. Sadly, I don't have a writing buddy:(

    But I'm stopping by to tell you that I have a blog award for you over on my site:)

  11. Lynda--A great crit partner is a gem. How exciting that she just got an agent. You must be so proud!

    Rebecca--I have some writer-buddies I've never met too. Look forward to meeting face-to-face one day.

    Julie--Enouragement and laughter? What more can you ask for. Kind of reminds me of a certain KLM.

    Lisa Gail--I'll look forward to hearing about hour BWBs soon!

  12. My BWB doesn't blog - yet! Kathy Sant's a retired OBGYN, had a MG novel published by Scholastic before med school (had 4 young boys then!) First drafts of chapters of her MG boys' adventure novel are polished and packed full of action and emotion. She always offers encouragement, has an editor's eye, and pinpoints exactly what my WIPs are lacking & what works. My BWB's an encyclopedia brain as far as science, history, and literature & her comments ignite my imagination! We've had loads of laughing attacks. I can be nutty ol' me with her.
    My link is:

  13. My BWB is my mother. She doesn't have a blog. She lives in a different state, but as I am writing, she is the one that keeps me motivated. I send her pages to review and she give me her honest opinion. She is the person who showed me how much a person can really enjoy a good book. She will laugh out loud and cry while reading, so I am always hoping to hear she had such a reaction when reading my WIP!

  14. LynNerd--Kathy sounds like a great BWB

    Bethany--How swet to have a supportive mom as your BWB.

  15. What a great contest!

    My BWB is my cousin, godmother to my son, and blog partner, Kelsey Sandy. She's a fabulous writing cheerleader, critiquer, and beta-reader because she actually has a MFA from Purdue (SO proud of her!).

    Our love of writing started when we were just kids and would stay up late telling each other made-up stories featuring our favorite actors. Kelsey was the first to write a novel in high school and encouraged me to do the same.

    Our blog is

  16. I meet my BWB at the SCBWI NY conference in 2011. We were hanging out by the food. Our eyes met over the stale bagels and cream cheese. It was the last day of the conference. We were clearly both a bit tired. I asked what genre she wrote, hesitantly, because 90% of the people I'd run into so far only wrote picture books. Or lived a million miles away. Don't get me wrong, I love picture books, and people who live in other cities. But I was hunting for a new critique group member. Someone in NYC who wrote YA.

    "Young adult," she replied. "I'm on sub with a dystopian right now."

    That's when I knew it was meant to be. We exchanged cards. We complained about the completely flooded dystopian market. We chatted about her agent, and I subtly mentioned our crit group. She told me she was from Brooklyn. She'd never done a group critique before, but she'd be up for it.

    Fast forward to the first meeting she attended. After we got done critiquing her piece (which I loved!), I was afraid she was going to cry. Instead she beamed at me. "Thanks so much for dragging me."

    Soon we developed a bi-weekly ritual, meeting for a drink at our favorite wine bar before crit group. We exchanged emails every few days, ranting over the pitfalls of queries and raving about each other's new edits and our writerly successes. Now, I don't know what I'd do without her to bounce ideas off of.

    So, LOVE to my BWB, Corrie

    And link to my blog for good measure ;)

  17. Great contest! And I like Katie Grimm. She's on My List. My BWB is Patti Nielson at She offers great crits and knows my characters better than anybody.

  18. I *thought* my BWB would laugh at me the first time I shared my writing with him. Turns out, he loved it dialogue tags and all. And that he's a sucker for romance. I never would've thought he would cry at a happy ending. Though he is no CP and knows nothing of writing, he sure can call out pacing probs like no one's business. My dad is my BWB because he points out flaws despite the fact I am his daughter.

  19. I echo everyone else who has said that this is a terrific contest! Thanks to Renee, Kristen, and Angelina—and, of course, Molly and Kate—for making it happen.

    I am lucky enough to have four BWBs—the fellow members of my writers’ group. We started up nine years ago now (!!) and still meet monthly to eat a pot-luck dinner, consume copious amounts of wine, and, of course, critique each other's writing. We celebrate our successes together, support each other through the trying times, and most importantly, keep each other writing. Without them badgering me for the next installment, I’m sure that my longer projects would never have gotten finished. My first book will definitely be dedicated to them!

  20. Loving all these writer-buddy stories. If you haven't already, don't forget to follow this blog to be eligible for the awesome prizes ^_^

  21. Hands down, my BWB is my significant other. Why? Because he's the only one that I can tell ALL the bad stuff to.

    My boyfriend wants my dream to come true, he's enabling me physically to do so, and he believes it will happen (at least that's what he tells me :D).

    (And he'll love the best friends necklace, though he'll pretend publicly that it's stupid and girly.)

    He's also very private, so he has no blog. Mine is:

  22. I don't have a query ready for critique, so I'm not entering this awesome contest, alas. But...!

    I wanted to give a shout-out to my BWB, who's read every single one of my novels, has a terrific eye for glaring plot holes, and is an inspiration because of 1. his sheer optimism on my behalf, 2. his own indie music career--passion and perseverance--and, 3. his life story and the mettle it takes for him to maintain an artistic outlook on life.

    Give it up for my husband's college roommate and my good friend, Khary D'Aguilar!! (On Facebook)

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